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American Observerships

Cohesive brand identity for a company provided opportunities overseas.

Case Study
February 22, 2017
4 years ago

Company Profile: With the growing population of India, many college graduates are left with little opportunity to job-shadow in their respective fields. In delving deeper into this issue, one can see the Indian students were not alone – many graduates around the world do not get the necessary experience to be functional in their profession.

With this realization, the founders created American Observership (AO) to bring students from overseas to job-shadow American professionals in their field. The goal is to open doors for students abroad by providing them with knowledge and experience.

Design Requirements: Business overseas requires a higher focus on a good reputation and company image. For this reason, the company requested:

  • a clean and adaptable logo
  • letterheads
  • and business cards to get started.

The project scope was about a week since one of the members was heading to India soon. I began the work by researching other companies in this field, to find that not too many companies had a face, so “looking good” would not be too hard.

In terms of adaptability, it really depends on the color scheme, meaning I needed to keep it simple and monochromatic for the best results. With these ideas in mind. I began my work.

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Final Renders

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Font Family: Hind

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.



Several things to had to be considered before choosing a typeface for the project:

  • American Observerships is an entity that frequently produces documents for the Indian Embassy and the American government.
  • AO will also be cultivating an image in India, so the documents might contain some Hindi.
  • To reduce confusion across the board, the number typefaces should be only one.

As a solution, I chose the font Hind, courtesy of the Indian Type Foundary. With several beautiful variants, and the full Hindi alphabet, the font is the perfect answer for company whose identity needs to be able to stand both in two culturally different countries.

Color Palette


The palette is a simple dark ink blue on a cloud grey. The blue represents multiple things: from the blue of the ocean to the respected navy blue suits of business men.

Other Renditions

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