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VYB Co. | Batch #2

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Case Study
March 18, 2017
4 years ago

The Story: A couple friends and I founded this lifestyle brand back in college (2014). We were two designers and engineer, with a minuscule budget fueled by our part-time jobs, working tirelessly to cultivate a unique brand identity through our product (garments, packaging, & website) down to smaller details like business cards.

The financial struggles of a small business was a perfect breeding ground for creative minds, as limitations were set for us through printing (price skyrockets exponentially depending on the number of colors) and garment costs. Although we never sacrificed quality, we eventually brought production in-house to have more control over the printing process. Although this was a big step, the control was hard to pass up as we could now choose between oil-based and water-based inks, translating into a wider variety of prints. We even began printing our own packaging with the water-based inks.

Sadly, we three had parted ways after college and decided that such a location-specific business would not be the same without the founders around.

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Final Renders

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Color Palette


For this batch of designs, the color palette covered several ideas: sweet, retro, cool, tropical. Mostly, the idea was to stretch the boundaries of analogous hues to being almost complementary, but not quite, resulting in beautiful schemes that contrast each other yet work harmoniously.

Other Iterations

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